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  WE ARE GROZ & We are addicted to excellence. We work with men & metal to engineer tools. We are young and we carry in us passion, desire & commitment to excel. 

As a technology leader we specialize in design, manufacture & marketing of a vast range of tools & equipment, Driven by a strong value system, state of the art manufacturing facilities & an enthusiastic team of men & women, we are focused to position Groz as a premier Global enterprise.
Total Control
Over 2000 dedicated men & women walk the aisles of our production facilities to convert several tonnes of metal into premium grade engineering solutions. With more than two hundred engineers & technicians. We are amongst the 
largest & most modern plants in asia.
Think Design
The heart of our operation is the design center, where our researchers use high-end software and eqipment to develop custom solutions for the needs of our clients. Fresh thought from bright, sparkling minds is channelized by experienced stalwarts into genuine, innovative solutions. At groz, we design at least a score of new products every year.
Stamp of Pride
At Groz, we set standards of excellence and then go on to exceed them. Stringent system and processes are constantly monitered to ensure the highest level of conformance and consistency at all stages of production - right from the selection of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. With our impeccable track record, we have gained the trust of some of the most respected names in the industry. With pride, we say, we make tools to trust!
Make them Happy
In the world of cold steel and sharp metals, we have managed to preserve our heart. We are sensitive to human emotions and relationships. When customers begin a relationship with us, chances are they will still be talking to the same person for all their needs even after several years. We do not just serve our customers - we empathize with them and put our heart and soul into making them happy. We're passionate about retaining, developing and recruiting the best talent available. We are team with involvement of all. We have high integrity & respect for others. We are accountable for results.
Mechanics of Change
The single most contributer to our growth has been our ability to perceive and set trends in a rapidly changing market place. Continuously working on this applying our creativity to products & processes, we are always looking for opportunities where we can exceed our potential. That is the only way to move forward & be the mechanics of change.
Groz website Groz website
Groz website
Groz website
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