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    World’s largest and most exhaustive range of Manual, Pneumatic and Battery Grease Guns.

    58 models
  2. PUMPS
    A wide range of technologically advanced and efficient fluid handling pumps

    90+ models
    The world’s most reliable and safe line of hammers featuring a revolutionary design and expert craftsmanship
    32 models
  4. VICES
    Heavy-duty vices designed and manufactured for the professional users
    21 models





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Excellence since 1976

The Groz Story

Since 1976, Groz is a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for professional users worldwide. Our extensive manufacturing facilities, spread over 6 locations with complete backward integration give us full control over quality, turnaround time, and product range. We anticipate market trends and customer needs to expand our product portfolio and deliver solutions, on time. Our strong and energetic team of 2592 qualified men and women work tirelessly to deliver accuracy, consistency, and value to millions of tool users in 85 countries globally. Every Groz tool is manufactured to make your hard work easy

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